28 maj 2012 — 20 mars 2013

Global Stone Workshop® 2012

Stefano Beccari, Anna Löwdin , Ann-Cathrin Andersson, Sergio Perea, Marco Veschetti

Start period

Marble & Limestone May 28-June 11 Odrinhas/Lisbon, Portugal 285?
Marble June 18-29 Carrara, Italy 340?
Granite August 6-17 Bohuslän/Gothemburg, Sweden 170?*
Limestone August 13-25 Isle of Gotland, Sweden 170?*
Marble Sept 3-15 Carrara, Italy 340?
Marble & Limestone Sept 24-Oct 5 Odrinhas/Lisbon, Portugal 285?
Stone & Bronze Dec 10 Mahabalipuram/Madras, India 200?-240?
Stone & Bronze Jan 1, 2013 Mahabalipuram/Madras, India 200?-240?
Stone & Bronze Jan 21 Mahabalipuram/Madras, India 200?-240?
Stone & Bronze Feb 11 Mahabalipuram/Madras, India 200?-240?
Stone & Bronze March 4 Mahabalipuram/Madras, India 200?-240?
In Europe you may finish your workshop whenever you like... after the first two weeks. In India after the first three weeks.

Global Stone Workshop® workshops fees include 6 days in hotels and 5,5 days workshop.

In Mahabalipuram/Madras the fee for a basic single room accommodation with private WC in a Guest House is 200?/week and 280? for a more comfortable hotel accommodation.

Some blocks of stone are included in Carrara, Italy, Odrinhas/Lisbon Portugal, in Bohuslän/Gothenburg, in the Isle of Gotland, Sweden, and in Zaragoza, Spain. Hand tools are included in Odrinhas/Lisbon, Vietnam and in Mahabalipuram/Madras, India.

Power tools can be rented in Bohuslän/Gothenburg, Isle of Gotland, Odrinhas/Lisbon and in Mahabalipuram/Madras.

Stefano Beccari

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